Periods of inactivity.

Its a side-affect of having a ‘proper job’ that occasionally I’ll not have time nor inclination to paint. The inability to spend each day advancing the work can, quite often lead to a lack of focus. Unless a kind dealer with his/her head screwed on, who knows a good thing when it slaps them in the face and offers me a considerable advance on future sales…then this situation isn’t going to change anytime soon. During these bouts of inactivity the mind still develops work – you never stop thinking and reasoning and ‘remembering’ experiences that will influence the work once it restarts.

Here is one such result of these remembrances – I drive along the north sea coast daily and am often excited by the changing colours and textures; a magical and untamed spectacle. A couple of weeks back some extreme winds caused the sea to look…well, a lot less fierce than you might imagine: Deep Viridian green with myriad white ‘flecks’ of spume. The memory of that experience survived relatively intact until I was once again able to get into the studio.

Windswept/forblÄste (North Sea)




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