Out of the Dip.

For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing one of those dips in confidence and focus that most artists experience from time to time. It’s a fairly regular thing for me. I think the biggest problem I was facing was that I’ve been producing a lot of investigative sketches, which although meaningful and sometimes beautiful, the activity was not leading towards a sharpening of focus in the studio paintings.¬†This past week however, I’ve been enjoying a week off the day-job, allowing me the time and head-space to consider my practice as a whole. Thankfully, all those months of investigatory ¬†sketches has not been in vain – I have managed to make sense of it all and now do have a clear(er) direction in the studio. Less ‘slap-dash’ or ‘casualist’ than previous work, but maintaining a freedom and painterliness.

It’s early days yet, but at least I feel positive.




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