One of the areas I’ve struggled with lately has been documenting my work with sufficient quality that they can be used for exhibition submissions or even just a decent photo for instagram. In order to address this I’ve taken the plunge and bought a decent camera (Olympus OM-D E-M10 for those interested in such things), tripod and lighting system. The camera itself is lovely, but there’ll be a bit of a learning curve while I figure out all the settings; something as basic as taking a picture wasn’t;t straight forward.

Already though, I can see the benefits of this setup. Below you’ll see two images – the top one was taken with natural light, the bottom image was taken using the studio lighting rig I recently acquired. You can see that the studio lighting gives a richer, sharper and more faithful rendering of the colours I see in the studio. The colours aren’t perfect, but I’m sure once I’ve gotten used the myriad settings on the camera these colours will be very representative of reality.

This photo was taken with natural light.

This photo was taken with studio lighting.




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