Colours, textures and Rhythms.

I’ve spent a few hours in the studio today – coming off the back of a bit of low point creatively. It’s been a good day on the whole.

My painting method demands a level of focus and fairly confident risk-taking, and that’s really hard to sustain – especially when it doesn’t work. More often than not, it doesn’t work. I rise from these low points sooner or later and usually I have a slightly new perspective on what I’m trying to do. The latest ‘enlightenment’ is to embrace the rhythms of the sea and the landscape. Colours, textures, form have occupied my focus previously, but something’s always been missing (well, not always – I have managed to make a few decent paintings) and that something┬áis a kind of life/rhythm. I’ve been aware of these rhythms, but have been interpreting them as energy/life-force, but there’s something subtly different about my application when I interpret the landscape in terms of its rhythm and, for now, this slight shift has led to another (small) step to a truth.




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