I hesitate to say this as it seems that I have many such crests of a creative wave, but… I think I’ve finally begun to find a method of working in the studio that is bearing fruit – particularly on the larger (for me) paintings. This is an area of my practice that has experienced many false dawns, but I’ve stuck at it. I’ve continued to throw paint at the problem.

One of the biggest hurdles has been my inability or unwillingness to move away from the starkly simple methodology – that of representing the complexity of nature with as few marks as possible. This approach works well on a small scale, but when I’ve attempted to go bigger, the slapdash simplicity has left me emotionally distant. I had adopted the process as a philosophy as I felt it gave me a freedom to express myself and owed nothing to conformity, but, ironically I had become shackled to to the cause.

After much soul searching I finally gave myself a slap. My only real philosophy for painting is to follow my instincts, even if it flies in the face of what’s worked before. So I began playing around with paint – creating complex colour arrangements and exploring the physicality of the process – daubing, scraping, drawing – sculpting form out of the chaos.

Watch this space to sample the results…




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