“What Paints do you use?”

Whenever I meet a fellow painter, particularly a painter whose work I admire, one of the first things on my mind is, “What paints do you use?” Even when faced with an international ‘best seller’ artist, when one is supposed to drag up questions of tremendous insight and gravitas, I really have only one question – what materials does this artist use and why do they find them better than others.

Well, with that in mind… and with the slight whiff of arrogance that someone might actually be interested enough in me and my work to be concerned with such things, here’s a little video depicting the oil paints that I’ve been using recently.



This first post is a slight introduction to where I am as an artist at the moment. I won’t go into detail of how my work has led to this point, you just need to accept that it has. Suffice to say that I have been attempting to represent the world around me, in paint, as simply and as purely as possible yet still convey my experience of nature with intensity.

In an effort to further simplify (there’s nothing so complex and complicated as simplicity) I’m developing a raft of ‘monochrome’ paintings drawn from the dominant tonal and/or chromatic value of the North Sea at Cambois at any given time of day (time determined by my availability to go and look at/work from it!) These cardboard studies are early, liberated musings on the concept.

Painting depicting colour of the North Sea at a specific moment

The ‘codes’ on each piece (that also inspires their titles) is a simple number string denoting time and date when the works were produced. These ‘strings’ will become more meaningful when ascribed to the in-situ paintings that will form faithful attempts at representing the prevailing tone and colour at any given minute or minutes as I witness those variations.